Where to Order Thanksgiving Dinner 2011


(Note: this is the 2011 list.  For 2014, see “Where to Order Thanksgiving Dinner 2014”)

If you don’t have time to cook Thanksgiving dinner, you can order complete Thanksgiving dinners to-go that are precooked.  Side dishes (and often pie) are included.  You just order, schedule a time for pick-up, then heat and serve these premade dinners.  Most grocery stores recommend ordering by November 21 or 22; most restaurants only need 24 hours for an order.  Here’s where you can order Thanksgiving dinner 2011 (click each for more details):

Thanksgiving Dinners from Restaurants

  • Boston Market.  Can also order delivered or catered Thanksgiving dinners if you can’t get there to pick it up.
  • Cracker Barrel.  The Thanksgiving dinner includes both turkey and ham.
  • Marie Callenders.  Somewhat expensive, but includes many sides and coffee.

Thanksgiving Dinners from Grocery Stores

  • Albertsons. Turkey, ham, or prime rib Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Giant.  One of the few stores that offer 2-person dinner orders. (in MD, VA, DC, DE)
  • H-E-B.  Complete turkey dinners, offered at least at some stores. (TX)
  • Kroger.  Turkey or ham Thanksgiving dinners.  (Includes Baker’s, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, QFC, Smith’s stores.)
  • Meijer.  Relatively inexpensive turkey dinners.  (in IL, IN, MI, OH, KY)
  • Publix.  One of the least expensive complete dinners. (in TN, AL GA, FL, SC)
  • Safeway.  Another of the least expensive complete meals.  (Includes Vons, Dominicks, Genuardis, Carrs, Tom Thumb, Randalls stores.)
  • SaveMart.  Turkey and ham dinners at $49.99.  (in CA, NV)
  • ShopRite.  Turkey or ham Thanksgiving dinners are available. (in CT, DE, NJ, NY, PA, MD)
  • Whole Foods.  Offers vegan and organic Thanksgiving meals.

The prices for 6-8 person Thanksgiving dinners ordered to-go this year range from $39.99 (Publix or Safeway turkey) to $159.99 (Whole Foods prime rib).

Though Aldi doesn’t offer pre-cooked dinners, it does have low prices, so we also took a look at the cost of a pulled-together Thanksgiving dinner from Aldi.

Wherever you decide to order… hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving 2011.

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