Aldi Thanksgiving Dinners 2016


Since Aldi typically has low grocery prices, we were curious how much Thanksgiving from Aldi would cost.  Make sure to shop Aldi ahead of time, since they will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Here are some example Thanksgiving dinner items and prices from Aldi this year (prices from the holiday catalog and could vary regionally):

  • $8.99  Kirkwood Boneless Turkey Breast Roast, 48 oz
  • $1.89 per lb, Spiral-Sliced Brown Sugar Ham
  • $2.49 Seasons Choice Garlic Potatoes, 16 oz
  • $1.39  Chef’s Cupboard Instant Mashed Potatoes, 15.3 oz
  • $1.39 Extra Fine Green Beans, 16 oz
  • $3.69 Sweet Potato Casserole 22 oz
  • $0.89  Chef’s Cupboard Turkey Gravy, 12 oz
  • $0.99  Sweet Harvest Cranberry Sauce, 14 oz 
  • $0.99  L’oven Brown & Serve Rolls, 12 oz
  • $4.99  Belmont Pie, 38 oz

If you don’t want to cook, other stores offer complete Thanksgiving dinners with everything pre-cooked.  Those dinners are more expensive, but involve less work - just reheat and eat.

To learn more about Aldi, check out our article on shopping at Aldi, and our Aldi video.

Happy holidays 2016!  Thanks to Aldi for the low Thanksgiving prices.

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