Safeway Just for You - Club Card Coupons

Safeway offers coupons and personalized deals through their “Just for You” programAfter you sign up or log in to Just-for-You, look for the Just-for-You Coupon Center.  (Note: We have info for Just-for-You “Personalized Deals” here.)


When you see a good Just-for-You coupon, click the red “Add” button and it will be loaded onto your club card.  Make sure to read the fine print on each coupon.  For instance, in the picture below, you would need to purchase 2 Bertolli pasta sauces for $1.00 to be deducted from your total.  Also note coupon expiration dates.


To see a list of Just-for-You coupons on your Safeway club card, click the red “Print/E-mail Shopping List” button.

Personally, we rarely use the Just-for-You coupons because we also use paper coupons.  These electronic coupons can’t be doubled and there are some issues with electronic vs. paper coupons.  However, more coupon choice is great, and Safeway Just-for-You club card coupons are a good option for people who don’t use paper coupons. 

See our own weekly Safeway shopping trip here.

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