How To Check Your Safeway Gas Rewards Points

There are two ways to check your Safeway gas rewards points balance:

  1. Check the bottom of your Safeway receipt after shopping.
  2. You can also check your gas points online, at the Safeway homepage.  This method assumes that you have already signed up for Just-for-You and logged in to your account.
    • Click “My Card” at the top of the page (circled in yellow in the example below).safeway_gas_fuel_rewards_points_check3
    • The next page will show your gas rewards points for the month (example circled in yellow), how many 10 cent fuel rewards already earned, and the number of rewards that expire this month.safeway_gas_fuel_rewards_points_check4

Make sure to always use your Safeway club card when shopping so your gas rewards points can track through the month.

After checking your Safeway gas rewards points totals, you might want to find the nearest Safeway that has a gas station.

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