Safeway Club Card: What You Need to Know


Scanning a Safeway club card at checkout will give you discounts and sale prices on many items.

How do I get a Safeway club card?

Get a club card application from a Safeway cashier or at the customer service desk.  Fill out the application and they will hand you a club card.  It is immediately activated; you can use it right away. 

The club card registration form asks for a mailing address, but some with privacy concerns have gotten Safeway club cards without filling out that information.

If you add a phone number on the sign-up form, it will be linked to your card.  If you forget to bring your club card, you can type that phone number into the checkout keypad to get the Safeway club card discounts.

If you don’t care about a physical card, you can get the discounts and Just-for-You coupons, by filling out the form here.  It will link the discounts and coupons to your phone number, which you can enter at checkout.

How do I use a Safeway club card once I have one?

Hand the card to your cashier when you checkout.  Or swipe it yourself at the credit card reader.  If you are using self-checkout, hold your club card (bar code downwards) over the scanner.  All discounts will come off once the club card is swiped or scanned.

Where do I get a replacement Safeway club card?

From the customer service desk at any Safeway store.

How do I update or change the phone number associated with my Safeway club card?

You can fill out this online update form here.  If you are in the US, you can also call Safeway customer service at 1-877-SAFEWAY (1-877-723-3929).  If you are in Canada, call 1-800-723-3929.  Besides your phone number, you can also change your address.

What is my Safeway club card number?

The club card number is printed on your card.  (The club card number is not the same as your phone number.)  If you don’t have your card handy, call Safeway customer service at the numbers listed above.

How I do load coupons onto my Safeway club card?

See our article on Safeway “Just for You” club card coupons for instructions on how to load these ecoupons to your card.