A&P Coupon Policy

We emailed A&P for their coupon policy.  Since coupon policies can change frequently, take this as a starting point, and confirm details with your store.

A&P Coupon Policy
• All coupons must be presented to the sales associate before the start of the order
• The exact item featured on the coupon must be purchased, no substitutions are allowed
• Any coupon that has expired will not be accepted
• The total redemption may not exceed the retail value of the item
• Competitor coupons will not be accepted. This includes both Competitor Internet and Catalina coupons.
• Stores honoring double coupons will do so in accordance with our normal Double Coupon Policy
Exception to our Double Coupon Policy:
• A Limit of two like coupons will be doubled, unless otherwise stated on the coupon “ Do Not Double/Triple/Multiply or Redeemable at Face Value Only” or words of similar meaning  
Store Coupons:
• One manufacturer coupon and one store coupon can be redeemed on a single item, however the total redemption cannot exceed the retail value of the itemManufacturer Coupons:
• Manufacturer coupons up to and including ____ will be doubled, all coupons over ____will be redeemed at face value
• Only 1 manufacturer coupon may be applied to an individual item
• Only 4 like manufacturer coupons are allowed per transaction Internet (Online) Printed Coupons:
• Only 2 like internet (online) coupons are allowed per transaction
• Coupons for FREE Items are NOT accepted unless the purchase of an additional item is required (i.e. Buy one get one free)
• Coupons with a value of $5.00 or more will NOT be accepted
• Online Clip-less Coupons which are loaded to the Club Card do not double or triple
• Proctor and Gamble Internet coupons are not accepted
• We gladly accept all internet (online) coupons from our website and all internet (online) coupons distributed via our corporate e-mail marketing campaigns
The Return of an item purchased with a coupon:
Any customer requesting a refund/store credit for an item purchased with a coupon will be issued the purchase price after the deduction of the coupon.  The full price of the item will not be refunded nor will the coupon be returned.
*Store Management reserves the right to reject, in its discretion, any coupons that appear to have been altered, copied, or exhibit signs of misrepresentation/not being used according to the intended purpose. 
Customer accepts and agrees to these policies when using any coupons.