Save Mart Coupon Policy

We emailed Save Mart for their coupon policy.  Lots of good, detailed information was provided.  They let us know that this policy can change without notification, so take this as a starting point, and confirm details with your store.


Save Mart Coupon Policy:

What kinds of coupons do you accept?
We accept manufacturer, on-line coupons, and store coupons.

Can I use e-coupons?
If by e-coupon, you mean coupons that you received from on-line coupon sites that you printed out? Yes, in most instances we accept them.

Can I use my loyalty card?
Save Mart, Lucky and Food Maxx offer the same price to all our customer’s so no loyalty card is needed.

Do you offer store coupons?
We offer store coupons through our weekly ads, flyers, community promotions, and websites and at the register.

May I use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one item?
Yes, as long as it does not exceed the amount of the product. The store coupon is actually a reduced price rather than a coupon; therefore, we are not in conflict with the one coupon per purchase rule.

Do you exclude any coupons? Ex: above $5 off, BOGO offers, coupons for free product?
This would have to be answered at the store level once the coupon was presented.

Do you accept Internet Printable Coupons?

May I print them in black and white?

Do you match competitor prices or take competitor coupons?
Save Mart and Lucky maintain competitive prices and as such do not accept competitor coupons or price match. Food Maxx will price match with exact products from competitors’ ads.

If the coupon exceeds the items value do you adjust the price of the coupon down? Ex: $1.00 off coupon on $0.97 cent product.
Yes, the Cashier we would hand key in the amount of the product and write the $0.97 on the coupon.

Do you limit the number of coupons I may use per transaction?

Does your store ever double or triple coupons?

Concerning buy one get one offers. If your store runs a BOGO FREE promo, may I use 2 manufacturer coupons for the 2 products? Or may I only use one?
One, example, if you purchased 2 Boxes of cereal (Box 1 and Box 2), the second box is free. You could use a coupon on the box you purchased (Box 1), but using a coupon on Box 2 would reduce it to a negative number.

Are individual stores allowed to impose their own rules or vary from this policy?
We take customer service very seriously and as such when questions arise regarding acceptance of coupons, we leave the final decision with the store manager.