Coupon Organizer Binder

A coupon organizer binder is for those who are serious about couponing.  With this method, the clear pages give you a quick visual overview of your coupons, making it easy to find any coupon you need.  On the other hand, the organizer binder is not as portable as the previous methods (the envelope and purse sized organizer), and can be time-consuming to maintain.  If your time is limited, consider coupon file folders.

To make a coupon organizer binder, you’ll need a high quality 3-ring binder, category dividers (plastic will last longest), and baseball-card plastic pages.  coupon_binder_pagesKeep your eyes open for sales at your local stores, or from Amazon: binder, dividers, pages.  Altogether, a coupon organizer binder setup might cost from $10-$30.

When you fold your coupons to put it in the binder pages, let the expiration date on each coupon show outwards.

With a coupon organizer binder, you can have any number of categories, as many or as few as you like.  Organize them alphabetically or according to your store layout.  Here are some category ideas to get you started:

Store loyalty cards Frozen foods
Store coupon policies Hair products
Store and double coupons Laundry
Baby Meat
Baking Medicine
Beverages Miscellaneous
Breakfast Office supplies
Candy Paper products
Canned goods Pasta, rice
Cleaning Pets
Condiments Produce
Cosmetics Restaurants
Dairy Skin care
Dental care Snacks
Deodorant Vitamins
Feminine products

Coupon organizer binder (0 to 5 stars):

Inexpensive two_stars
Durable four_stars_thumb1
Ease of locating a coupon five_stars
Easy to maintain two_stars
Portable two_stars