What is a Double Coupon?

If you are new to coupons, you may wonder “what is a double coupon”?  Coupon doubles are an extra discount on top of a manufacturer coupon.  Let’s say you use a 50 cent manufacturer coupon on Barilla pasta.  If the store doubles coupons, you would get $1.00 off the price: 50 cents from the manufacturer coupon plus 50 cents from the double.  If the pasta is on sale for $1.00, the double coupon would help you get it for free.  (The manufacturer reimburses the store for 50 cents, the grocery store covers the cost of the double.)

Most often, the coupon double happens automatically when a coupon is scanned at the register.  albertsons_double_coupon_voidYou don’t need a separate piece of paper that says “double coupon”.  However, at a few stores, you do need a separate paper coupon, found in the weekly ad or customer service desk.  For example, Albertson’s stores in the northwest US require you to hand over a paper double coupon along with your manufacturer coupons.  (See picture for an example of what a paper double coupon looks like.)

Not all grocery stores offer double coupons, and the rules of coupon doubling can differ from one store to another, even within the same chain.  For store-specific rules, start by checking the store coupon policy, and if you can’t find the information there, look at the weekly ad, or ask in-store at the service desk.

When you check what the double coupon rules are, keep in mind:

  • If the coupon fine print says “Do not double” you can’t double it, unless the individual store says otherwise.
  • Most stores won’t double a coupon with a coupon value above $1.00.  Some stores limit it even more, and won’t double over 50 cents.
  • The total value of the manufacturer coupon plus the double can’t be greater than the cost of the item.
  • Many stores limit the number of double coupons that you can use each visit.  Or else, the policy might say you can’t use too many double coupons on the same item (for example, they might only double a maximum of 4 Barilla pasta coupons per visit).
  • Store coupons, coupons for free items, or Ecoupons on your shopper card usually can’t be doubled.  Some stores limit doubling of coupons printed from internet websites.
  • Some stores state what times you can double coupons (like “every Wednesday”, or during special promotions).
  • Fewer stores offer triple coupons.  A 50 cent coupon tripled would get you $1.50 off the price.

Now that you understand what a double coupon is, you can use it to cut grocery costs.  Combine a manufacturer coupon and a double coupon with a sale, and you are well on your way.