Consumer News - Week of May 2

Here is the consumer news that caught our eye this week:

-The USDA released a food desert locator map.  A food desert is a low-income area where a substantial number of residents don’t have good access to grocery stores.  Though some of these food deserts are in rural areas, there are also quite a few in cities.  You can click and zoom on the USDA map to see where food deserts are located in your state.


-The Money Beagle blog has posted a full list of links to recent and relevant personal finance articles (including our Double Coupon article here at Think ‘n Save).  Check it out for lots of helpful information on saving money.

-Publix is planning some changes to its coupon policy; details should be out in a few weeks.  In the meantime, they are also testing a new cash register system that will speed up the processing of coupons.

-Save Mart will replace two of its East Bay (California) Lucky grocery stores with FoodMaxx outlets, and in the process lay of 56 workers.  The FoodMaxx stores are warehouse style stores, rather than traditional grocery stores; the switch towards that type of store is thought to be tied to the economic recession.

-The new role of Princess won’t keep Kate Middleton away from the grocery store; she was spotted shopping at her local Waitrose supermarket yesterday in Anglesey, North Wales.