Couponing for the Homeless Shelter

With coupons, it is easy to get free or cheap items for yourself; it is also easy to get things for those in need.  Today we dropped off baby formula, snacks, and toiletries to a homeless family shelter in town.  They were really grateful, and it made us feel good.  While it takes time to gather coupons and shop for the items, we don’t have any out-of-pocket expenses, thanks to all the available free coupons.


For instance, as part of our donation today, we dropped off 8 bottles of Similac baby formula that would cost about $40 in store ($5 or more per bottle).  Thanks to a $5 coupon in a recent coupon insert, and sales at Rite Aid and Walmart, we were able to get it all for free, with the homeless family shelter in mind.

You could keep a shelf for donation items.  If you can get something for free with coupons, even if it’s not a brand you use, get it anyways and put in on that shelf.  Eventually you’ll build up enough for a donation.  There are many places to donate, and we’ve collected some ideas for where to donate, such as homeless shelters, food banks, women’s shelters, and non-profits.