Consumer News–Week of June 6

Here is the consumer news that caught our eye this week:

-A new exhibit that looks at the government’s effect on the American diet opens this week at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.   vitamin_donut_sThe exhibit is called “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam” and will be open until January 3, 2012.  It looks really interesting – love the history (and the donut posters).  Check it out if you’re in the D.C. area this year.  There are also ongoing events with the exhibit.

-The rising popularity of coupons, due in part to the Extreme Couponing TV show, is leading to increased theft of coupon inserts from newspapers. For instance, someone will put in enough change into a newspaper box for one paper, but take multiple copies when the box unlocks. Check any newspaper you buy to make sure that coupon inserts are really in there.

-Groupon is venturing into the world of groceries.  It is partnering with the grocery chain Big Y to offer grocery Groupons.  The would be a spot to enter a store loyalty card number during the Groupon purchase, and then the deal would be loaded onto the card.

-The blog “My Personal Finance Journey” has posted an extensive list of recently published personal finance and frugality articles (including our recent post on Grocery Store Ecoupons).  Head on over for some informative reading.