Consumer News–Week of May 30

Here’s the consumer news that caught our eye this week:

-As part of a government campaign against obesity, eating guidelines are now represented by a food plate instead of the old food pyramid. myplateThe food pyramid was criticized for being abstract and hard to understand.  The plate is supposed to be a simpler way to show what (and how much) we should to eat.  The plate has 5 categories: fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy.  The new website associated with the food plate, has good nutritional information, including sections on eating for vegetarians and for weight loss.  There is also has an interactive way to set up a personalized food plan.

-On the heels of their great new coupon policy, Walmart hints of future coupon plans by testing out double coupons at 7 Walmart stores in Utah.  It appears that coupons less than 50 cents are doubled up to $1.00, and coupons above 50 cents are rounded up to $1.00.  For now, the double coupons are only valid at these Utah stores, and only on Tuesdays.

-Whole Foods is continuing its expansion with 61 new stores currently in development.  Its longer-term plan is to have 1,000 stores, which would more than triple the current number of 304 stores.  The company wants to develop smaller-sized stores, especially in urban areas.  We are still awaiting an updated Whole Foods Coupon policy.

-The Family CEO blog has posted a long list of links to recent and timely frugality and personal finance articles (including our post on Walmart’s new coupon policy).  Check it out for lots of great money-saving ideas.