Free Baby Food Starter Kit from Beech-Nut


When you sign up for the Beech-Nut monthly email newsletter, they will send you a free Beech Nut starter kit in the mail.  The starter kit includes a couple of coupons for free baby food products (like cereal and/or baby food jars).  The email newsletter has coupons also.  Here’s some information on Beech-Nut nutrition, and here are a couple of positive reviews of the chicken and broth jar on Amazon (interestingly, both of the reviews are from people who buy it for their cats.).

Beech-Nut started out in 1890 making smoked hams, but it’s first real success was from jarred bacon in the early 1900’s.  As part of this, they invented the vacuum-sealed jar.  The company went through many changes over the years.  It is now one of the largest baby food companies, and owned by the Swiss company Hero.