Consumer News–Week of July 4

Here is the news that caught our eye this week:

-The grocery store Tesco has covered the walls of a Korean subway station with photos of grocery items.  Each item has a code that can be recognized by a smartphone.  Commuters take pictures of the items they want with their smartphone, pay over the same phone, and then the groceries are is delivered directly to their home.  The service was popular over its trial period with Tesco online grocery sales increasing by 130%.

cherry_compote_with_mascarpone-Whole Foods is offering organic cherries for $2.99/lb for one day only - Friday July 7. Not a bad price, especially if you’re concerned about pesticides on fruits.

-Albertsons grocery store will no longer be offering their paper double coupons (known as “Twice the Value Coupons”) at the customer service desk.  Now the only way to get them (in areas that still offer double coupons) is from the Sunday newspaper. Albertsons is completely eliminating double coupons in their Montana and Wyoming stores.

-The blog Funny about Money has posted an educational list of recent articles on saving money (including our Learn Yoga for Free article here at Think ‘n Save).  Check it out to learn more about personal finance and frugality.