Affordable Yoga

yoga_seated_wYoga and all its physical and mental benefits can be accessible and affordable for anyone.  Whether you prefer to take group classes with an instructor or stretch out at home, there are ways to practice yoga on the cheap.  Check out our articles for more information:

  1. Learn Yoga for Free – Find free classes in your area, free online yoga videos, and other free resources to learn yoga.
  2. Find Cheap Yoga Classes – Yoga classes are great for motivation, touching base with an experienced instructor, and learning new techniques.  We’ve collected ideas on how to make yoga classes affordable.
  3. At-Home Yoga Studio: Cheap, Basic, or Serious – Over the long run, it is probably cheapest to do most of your yoga at home.  Here are some ideas on outfitting a yoga studio, whether you are on a tight budget, are just getting started, or have been practicing for a while.