Super Bowl 2012 Party Food–at Aldi

Super Bowl Sunday 2012 will soon be here, so it’s time to stock up on food for all those Super Bowl parties.  To get Super Bowl menu ideas (and costs), here are the special prices on Super Bowl food and snacks at Aldi food stores this week.  Find your closest Aldi store location here.

(Check out the list of Walmart’s Super Bowl 2012 food specials too.)

Super Bowl Chips, Dips, Veggies at Aldi:superbow_2012_salsa

  • Avocados, $0.29 each (good price!)
  • Baby Carrots 1-lb bag, $0.49
  • Clancy’s Tortilla Chips, $1.19
  • Grandessa Gourmet Salsas, $1.69
  • Grandessa Hummus, $1.69
  • Appetitos Frozen Dips, $2.49

Super Bowl Party Tableware at Aldi:superbowl_2012_napkins

  • Football Themed Paper Plates or Napkins, $0.99
  • Boulder Party Cups 50, $2.39

Super Bowl Finger Food at Aldi:superbowl_2012_snackmix

  • Clancy’s Butter or Cheddar Popcorn, $1.49
  • Appetitos Soft Pretzels, $1.49
  • Southern Grove In-Shell Peanuts, $1.99
  • Kirkwood Chicken & Cheddar Nuggets, $2.49
  • Appetitos Nacho Jalapeño Snacks, $2.49
  • Southern Grove Football Snack Mix, $3.99

Super Bowl Pizza at Aldi:superbowl_2012_pizza2

  • Mama Cozzi’s Frozen Pizza, $1.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Crusts, $2.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s 16” 5-Cheese Deli Pizza, $4.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s 16” Supreme Deli Pizza, $5.99

Super Bowl Chili & Fixins at Aldi:superbowl_2012_cheese

  • Happy Harvest Chili Style Tomatoes, $0.59
  • Brookdale Chili, $1.19
  • Pepper Jack Cheese Block 8 oz, $1.99

Super Bowl Desserts at Aldi:superbowl_2012_cake

  • Snickers Ice Cream Football Theme Cake (serves 6-8), $8.99
  • Choceur Chocolate Party Tray, $4.99

For tips on shopping at Aldi, check out our Aldi food store guide and Aldi video.

Wishing you a fun Super Bowl 2012 party, with tasty snacks and food for everyone.

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