Costco Cookbook 2005


This Costco cookbook “Creative Cooking” is available online for free here; you can read, print, or download the cookbook.  (If the text is too small, use the magnifying glass at the top of the page to zoom in.)

There are over 200 pages full of recipes with pictures.  The breakfast recipes look especially delicious, including strawberry and ricotta omelet (p. 11), nectarine french toast souffle, (p.16), oatmeal raisin pancakes with maple syrup frosting (p. 17), and orange and apple breakfast knots (p. 19).

This Costco cookbook has a special chapter with recipes from famous chefs including:

  • Bill & Cheryl Jamison  (page. 69)
  • Susan Lamb Parenti  (p.72)
  • Leanne Ely  (p. 75)
  • Mario Batali  (p. 78)
  • Michael Brando  (p. 81)
  • Daisy Martinez  (p. 84)
  • Lauren Purcell & Anne Purcell Grissinger  (p. 86)
  • Anne Willan  (p. 89)
  • Nick Malgieri  (p. 92)
  • Jerry Traunfeld  (p. 95)
  • Mark Bittman  (p. 98)
  • Stephen Giunta  (p. 100)
  • Giuliano Hazan  (p. 102)
  • Dave Lieberman  (p. 104)

Thanks to Costco for yet another great free cookbook.