Recyclebank Review

On Recyclebank, you can earn points for learning about recycling and the environment.  If your city participates, you can also earn points for recycling at home.  Then, redeem your points for rewards like coupons, discounts, magazine subscriptions, or gift cards.

To start, sign up at Recyclebank here.  Then click “Earn Points” on the homepage.  After you have earned points, click “Get Rewards” to get your freebies.


You earn points by watching videos about new products, taking quizzes, or agreeing to recycle.  Click “Get Points” at the end of each video or quiz.  You typically earn between 5 and 50 points for each.


Once you have earned points, it’s time to get your rewards.  There are a certain number of points required for each reward.  For instance, a $2.00 Kashi coupon currently costs 100 points.  There are also coupons for Ziploc, Ruby Tuesday, Omaha Steaks, and many more.


For a few more points, you can get free subscriptions to great magazines like Everyday Food, Martha Stewart Living, or Town and Country.


You can also get free gift cards as Recyclebank rewards – to places like Panera, Old Navy, or Home Depot.  However, you would need a lot more points (currently 2,500) to earn one of these.


The specific Recyclebank rewards do change, and also vary depending on where you live.

In summary, you can easily earn coupons and free magazine subscriptions at Recyclebank.  To earn gift cards, however, be prepared for it to take a while.  Along the way, you will learn about environmental programs, and be part of the recycling movement in this country.