Straw Hat Pizza Coupons 2012


Straw Hat Pizza has printable coupons on their website for 2012.  Head over to the Straw Hat Pizza coupon page here.  A weekly coupon is usually at the top of the page, and if you scroll down to the bottom there are usually more coupons there.  (Update 9/5/12: Right now there’s only a bumper sticker available, no coupons – hope coupons will come back soon.)

Depending on the week or month, coupons might include:

  • $5 off Purchase of any King Size Pizza
  • Get Five Large Two-Topping Pizzas for $55

Find your closest Straw Hat Pizza location here.

The coupons have promo codes on them, so you can use them for ordering Straw Hat pizza online too.  Make sure to read the fine print on any of the pizza coupons.

Thanks to Straw Hat for printable pizza coupons in 2012.

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