Costco Cookbook Recipes 2003


This free Costco cookbook is “Cooking the Costco Way: Across the Country and Around the World”.  You can read or download the free cookbook here.  There is a small magnifying glass near the top of the page to zoom in closer.

Some cookbook chapters feature cuisine from 7 United States regions (example recipes in parentheses):

  • Pacific Northwest Recipes  (Pear couscous salad)
  • California Cuisine  (Cold crab and melon soup)
  • Hawaii Recipes  (Lilikoi shortbread cookies)
  • Midwest Recipes  (Hot German potato salad)
  • Southwest Recipes  (Chipotle poblano strata)
  • Atlantic Fare  (Old bay salmon)
  • Southern Cooking  (Almond tea cake with orange glaze)

There are also cookbook chapters with recipes from 6 international countries (example recipes in parentheses):

  • Canada Recipes  (Maple syrup pie)
  • Mexico Recipes  (Stuffed plantains)
  • United Kingdom Recipes  (Scottish flan)
  • South Korea Recipes  (Hot pepper and radish kimchi)
  • Japan Recipes  (Green tea crepe)
  • Taiwan Recipes  (Snowflake cake)

Thanks to Costco for more great free recipes.