Safeway Opening Hours

Safeway’s opening hours can be found at the Safeway info page.  A list of local Safeway stores and the hours they are open (circled in blue) will be shown. Some Safeways, like the one in this example, are open 24 hours.


If you need Safeway opening hours for a different store, enter your zip code or city in the box (circled in yellow) and hit “Go”.

You won’t find Safeway 2012 holiday hours here, those holiday opening times are usually posted in the stores, not online.  For Safeway holiday hours (Easter, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s), you can also call the store phone number.  The local phone is listed above the Safeway hours on the info page.

Now that you know Safeway’s opening hours, learn how to use Safeway’s new Just-for-You coupons.