Thanksgiving Dinner Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins add formality and cheer to your Thanksgiving Dinner.  Cloth napkins are also environmentally friendly, eliminating paper waste.  Let’s take a look at several Thanksgiving dinner cloth napkin options.

First up are basic cloth 20 inch square dinner napkins available in 14 different colors.  Reviews say they are good quality cloth, large, and last a long while.  They are currently priced at $18 for a set of 6 dinner napkins.


Etsy has some really creative cloth napkin options at a range of prices.  For instance, there are unique batik printed Thanksgiving dinner napkins.  They are hand-dyed and printed, 16 inch square.  These would make a great gift also.  The extensive hand-work makes them the most expensive of the bunch at $48 for a set of 6 dinner napkins.thanksgiving_dinner_cloth_napkins4

Previously, we took a look at Thanksgiving dinner paper napkin choices, in case you prefer the convenience of paper.