When to Sell Golf Clubs on Ebay


The best time to sell golf clubs on Ebay is between February 5 and September 8.  That is when demand is highest.  In late winter, people are getting ready for the upcoming golf season, and in spring and summer they are playing a lot of golf. 

We can tell the best time for selling clubs on Ebay by looking at Google online search data.  When someone is looking to buy golf clubs on Ebay, they are likely to type “Ebay golf clubs” into Google search.  The graph above shows how popular that search phrase is through the year.

There is some demand for golf clubs on Ebay all year long, so it is definitely possible to sell your clubs on Ebay outside of the peak time.  Especially during periods when there is less competition from other sellers.

Now you know the best time of year to sell your clubs – wishing you some great sales this year.

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