Ikea Upptacka Carry-On Roller Bag: A First Impressions Luggage Review

I was in the market for a new carry-on roller bag.  My old bag* lasted 10 years, but finally the fabric near the zipper gave way.

Ikea was offering their Upptacka carry-on roller bag for $39.99 – a good price for an essential piece of luggage.  I bought one, and though I haven’t yet taken it on a trip, here are some initial impressions and photos.

The design is unique.  People who have seen my new Upptacka bag say it looks like a big lego block.sm_ik1_smwBesides this navy blue color, it also comes in yellow and gray.  It has an extendable handle that can lock at two different heights.  There is one zip outer pocket.


The Upptacka wheels are like roller-blade wheels.  This bag does roll really smoothly. 

Though 4-wheel “spinner” roller bags are popular now, I prefer the two-wheel style, like in this Ikea bag.  This way you get an extra inch of storage tucked around the wheels. 


This roller bag opens into two halves.  One side is an open compartment with a zip mesh cover.


The other side has straps and a small zip bag.


The dimensions of this Upptacka carry-on are 15” x 20” x 7.75” and it weighs about 8 lbs empty.  The tag says it is made of foam, polyester, and aluminum.

*My old luggage was an Olympia bag, like this one at Amazon.  I almost got another Olympia, except that I am not a fan of the spinner wheels, which currently is their only option.

p.s. I have no relation to Ikea, these are all my own opinions.