Thanksgiving Dinners To-Go in Portland 2014


You can order Thanksgiving dinner to-go at several grocery stores and restaurants in Portland in 2014.  These meals are fully-cooked: just heat, serve, and enjoy.  A take-out Thanksgiving lets you enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving foods without much time and effort.

Here’s where to order Portland Thanksgiving dinner to-go in 2014 (click each for more info; confirm prices with your local store):

Albertsons. Turkey, ham, or prime rib Thanksgiving dinners for $50-70.

Elephants Deli.  Put together a Thanksgiving meal from their a la carte options.

Fred Meyer.  Turkey or ham meals from $45-90.  Gluten-free options.

New Seasons.  Ham and turkey dinners for $100+.  Gluten-free option.

Shari’s.  Turkey or ham dinners for $60-70.

Whole Foods. Turkey or ham dinners, most for $80+.  Vegan option available.

Zupans.  Thanksgiving turkey or ham options for $150.

(Note: If your Portland restaurant/store is offering take out Thanksgiving dinner to-go, we can add you here, just email us the info.)