Safeway Monopoly: Can You Sell/Buy Game Pieces on Ebay?

With Safeway monopoly rare game pieces in hot demand, you may wonder if you can buy (or sell) game pieces on Ebay.  The short answer is “No”.  Ebay’s rules say:

“We do not allow the sale of any game pieces for promotional games.”

There is, though, one exception to this selling policy.  Ebay’s policies state that you are allowed to list and sell:

“Instant win coupons for free food or discount coupons are allowed”

Some of Safeway’s Monopoly game pieces contained instant win coupons inside.  These were for free products, for example batteries or pet food.  From Ebay’s posted rules (above), it sounds like these special instant win piece would be able to be listed on Ebay.  However, the values of those coupons would be low enough (usually less than $5) that it might not be worth your time to sell them on Ebay.