Simplicity A-Go-Go Vacuum - Review

My mom kept saying that I needed a new vacuum cleaner.  My old one was big and heavy.  There are now these lighter “stick” vacuum cleaners that make vacuuming less strenuous.

We went to the local vacuum cleaner store to try some out.  We tested the Miele QuickStep, but the ergonomics did not fit me right.  I’d heard good things about Shark vacuums, but our local dealer did not sell them, because they were not able to repair them.

After comparing several vacuums, we bought the Simplicity A-Go-Go stick vacuum.  Three months in, I really love it.  It has a small footprint and stands up on its own.

There is a knob to switch between the floor and hose options.  It is satisfying to see the dirt accumulate in the clear dirt chamber (there is no bag).  And easy enough to empty it.

The A-Go-Go does best on hard floors and low-pile carpet.  The front has some helpful led-type lights.

My toddler is fascinated by vacuum cleaners and the Simplicity A-Go-Go is lightweight enough that she can help vacuum, with a little assistance by a grown-up.  Having a kid-friendly vacuum is a huge plus.

I also appreciate that the A-Go-Go is cordless, and I haven’t noticed any loss in power for my short (20 minute) vacuum stints.

The main downside to this stick vacuum is the price.  I would not own this wonderful $400 Simplicity vacuum, if my mom hadn’t split the cost with me.

So far, we are loving this little vacuum.

Note: We have no connection to Simplicity Vaccum company.  The vacuum in this review was purchased with our own funds.