Was Buying Chairs from Amazon Warehouse Risky?

We were in the market for a 12” kid chair - hoping for natural color solid wood, but not too expensive.  I was seeing options $50+ per chair for these tiny pieces of furniture.

I checked Amazon Warehouse, where you can get used and damaged items at lower cost.

There was a 2-pack of solid oak kid chairs listed there for $22!  They normally sell for $105, and have great reviews.

However, the condition description made me pause.  It read:

“Acceptable: Large cosmetic imperfection(s) on the interior of the item.Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged.”

Amazon warehouse grades it’s items by: 1) Like New, 2) Very Good, 3) Good, 4) Acceptable.  So these kid chairs were graded as the worst condition on that list.  So this purchase was a risk.

The great thing about Amazon Warehouse, though, is that many items are covered under Amazon’s excellent return policy.  Some things may not be, of course, so double-check before purchasing.

They chairs arrived in a huge Amazon box (picture 1), that contained another beat-up box (picture 2), that contained two beautiful chairs (picture 3).  Though the second box was damaged, the chairs were not, they were in perfect condition.

In this case the risk buying from Amazon Warehouse paid off.  We now have these beautiful oak chairs for only $11 each.