Consumer News–Week of April 11

Here is the consumer news that caught our eye this week:

-Safeway was ranked as the top grocery store for seafood sustainability in a report by Greenpeace released this week.  seafood_sustainabilityTarget and Wegmans were tied for second and Whole Foods came in fourth.  At the bottom of the list were Supervalu (parent company of Albertsons), Winn-Dixie, and Meijer.  Ranking criteria included seafood purchasing policy, conservation participation, transparency about what is being sold, and whether a store “red-lists” (discontinues) sales of some threatened species.  For instance, Safeway recently decided to stop selling Orange Roughy, a fish that can live to 100 years, and doesn’t start reproducing until it’s 20’s. 

-As mentioned previously, Houston Kroger stores discontinued double and triple coupons this week.  They are starting a fuel rewards program in place of the double and triple coupons.

-Kraft Foods is gearing up to promote Athenos, Breakstone, Knudsen, and Stove Top brands, so keep your eyes open for coupons and sales.

-The Tennesseean reports the winners of their annual “cheapest of the cheap” contest.  Fifty winners were chosen from among 1,000 entries.  The first place winner got a new roof for half the original bid price.  The second place winner will wear a wedding dress she bought for 25 cents.  One of the runners up plans cheap vacation hotels, restaurants, and attractions by signing up for Groupons in the cities they plan to visit.  Lots of great stories in that article.