Coupon Organizer Ideas

Here are some ideas for a coupon organizer.  coupon organizer foldersPutting together a coupon organizer is an important step, but doesn’t come naturally for some folks.  Maintaining one does take a little time, but that time will be paid back many times over.

There are a lot of different ideas to organize coupons, and we encourage you to use your own creative ideas to find a way that works best for you.  Here are a few options to get you started:

1. Coupon envelope

2. Purse size coupon organizer

3. Coupon organizer binder

4. File folder method

Whatever method you choose, add a label with some way to contact you (phone, email, …) in case your coupon organizer gets lost or left in a grocery cart.

Once a month or so, go through your coupon organizer and throw out those that are expired.  The process of going through your coupons is also a refresher on which ones you actually have.  That helps keep your mind ready to match up coupons with sales.

If you don’t yet have any coupons to organize, we shared ideas on how to find free coupons in your neighborhood and at the grocery store.