Coupon Envelope

Try the coupon envelope if you are just starting out, or don’t want to spend money on a fancy coupon organizer.  In it’s simplest form, pull out an envelope and stuff whatever coupons you have inside the envelope:


The cost of this organizer is close to zero, and takes little or no time to set up.  On the down side, it doesn’t have any protection against moisture, and it can take more time when you are searching for a specific coupon.  To help with that, you can make separate envelopes for different types of products, perhaps one each for canned, frozen, dairy, snacks, cleaning, etc.   Next up: Purse size coupon organizer

Coupon envelope (0 to 5 stars):

Inexpensive five_stars
Durable two_stars 
Ease of locating a coupon one_star
Easy to maintain two_stars  
Portable five_stars