Purse Size Coupon Organizer

The purse size coupon organizer is a step up from the coupon envelope.  These coupon organizers are sized to easily fit in a bag or purse.  They are usually expandable, and come with dividers so you can sort coupons according to product type.  The cost for these purse size organizers ranges from about $1 to $15.


The cheapest is a $1 coupon organizer (picture above) from your local Dollar store or Dollar Tree.  These are made of paper, are expandable, and close with an elastic band.  These are great, but can tear as they age, and don’t do well around any moisture or rain.


My current main coupon organizer is the C-Line coupon wallet (picture above), costing about $4.  It is highly recommended, expanding to hold many coupons, but is still a size to fit in your bag.  It is a plastic coupon organizer, so has the benefit of adding some (but not complete) waterproofing to your coupon wallet.  It’s ironic that it is advertised it as biodegradable, since it feels like it will last forever.




If you are looking for something more stylish and don’t mind paying more, about $13, there is an Etsy crafter selling plastic purse size coupon organizers similar to the C-Line but with a patterned cloth cover (picture above).  There are many cheerful fabric options.


Purse size coupon organizer (0 to 5 stars):

Inexpensive four_stars
Durable three_stars_thumb1 or four_stars
Ease of locating a coupon three_stars
Easy to maintain three_stars_thumb1
Portable four_stars