Consumer News–Week of May 16

Here is the news that caught our eye this week:

-Publix will have a new coupon policy effective May 23.  Among other things, the new policy states that you can use both a store coupon and manufacturer coupon on the same item, and also implies that you can use coupons on both items of a buy-one-get-one sale.

-Target is adding fresh grocery departments to hundreds of its stores this summer.  target_groceries_sInternally the new grocery format is known as “Pfresh”.  They are apparently doing this to be able to compete more fully with Walmart, which is doing well with its grocery section.  The new Target grocery section will stock produce, packaged meats, and baked goods.  We’ve also heard that Target will get rid of the gardening section to make room for the grocery foods.

-After a year-long FBI investigation, a 22 year college student has been charged with coupon fraud.  He made fake coupons and put them onto the internet for people to download.  The article says that because of his fake Tide detergent coupons, Proctor and Gamble lost about $200,000.  He faces up to 30 years in prison.   As a couponer, you have to be careful not to download and use fake coupons, or you could face penalties also.  If you download coupons, only do so from reputable sites, and don’t use coupons that get passed around by email.  The coupon industry posts an updated list of fake coupons that you can check, if you have doubts about any of your coupons.

-The Retire By 40 blog has posted a full list of links to recent and relevant personal finance articles (including our own “Seven Low-Pesticide Vegetables” article).  Check it out for lots of helpful ideas and tips on saving money and frugal living.