Quiznos Groupon May 18–$3.25 Per Sub


Today’s national Groupon is a punch card for 8 Quiznos sub sandwiches for $26, which works out to $3.25 per sub, instead of the normal price of up to $6.49 each.  From the description, it looks like the chopped salads are also included.  You can only purchase the Groupon today (May 18), though you have until July 4 to exchange your Groupon for the 8 sub punchcard at your local store; the punchcard itself never expires.

The Groupon is only valid at one local store (your choice).  So, even though it’s a national Groupon, make sure you are viewing the Groupon for your city, and then click on the link “Valid only at location purchased.” (on the right just under the “Company website” link).  That will bring up a list of participating locations, so you can make sure a convenient store is participating.

Check out our recent post, if you are wondering “What is a Groupon?”