Farmers Market Prices–Late Spring

Strawberries are here!  Here are some photos and some prices from the farmers market this weekend.  Prices are for organic produce for a city market in the Pacific Northwest US.  Check out our previous post for a review of the early spring farmers market.


Strawberries in the sun.  Prices were about $3.00 per box.  You can find cheaper organic strawberries at the grocery store, but these were delicious.


Asparagus is still to be found.  Asparagus is one of the vegetables that you don’t have to buy organic, because it grows without the need for much pesticide.


Baby artichokes at $3.50 per pound.  Note the very first tomatoes in the background.


There were still some radishes around at $1.50 a bunch.  Cabbages are making an appearance, $3.00 per head at this stand.


The baby zucchini were selling at almost $4.00 a pound.  I found another stand selling medium sized organic zucchini at 2 for $1.00 (much better).


Beets were selling at about $2.50 a bunch.


These special Maitake mushrooms were $15.00 a pound.


Organic rhubarb at almost $4.00 a pound.


A variety of healthful greens at $2.25 a bunch.

Can’t wait for the tomatoes to be here full force.  We’ll take another look at the farmers market in about a month.