Free Tea Bags–Yogi Tea


Send your friends two free tea bags from Yogi Tea.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the free tea bags webpage.
  2. Enter in the required info and choose the free tea bag flavor type.
  3. Click “Send Request”.
  4. Your friend will get an ecard in their email with a link to a form for their mailing address.  The free tea bag samples will be sent by mail.

Yogi currently offers 8 different flavor groups for their free tea bag samples (for instance “Energy”, “Healthy Glow”, “Immunity”).  Your friend would get two different tea bags from the flavor group chosen.  You choose the flavor group first, but your friend can change it later when they fill in their mailing address.

You can send free Yogi Tea bag ecards to multiple friends, but only one sample per household.

If you send the tea bag sample ecard to a friend, let them know an email from Yogi Tea is coming.  If they don’t receive it, have them check their spam folder. (When I tested this, the ecard did land in my friend’s spam folder.)

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