Aldi Christmas Dinner and Holiday Hours 2011


Aldi has special Christmas food items that would make for an inexpensive Christmas dinner.  We were curious how much an Aldi Christmas dinner would cost (see below).

Do your Aldi Christmas dinner shopping before 4 pm on Christmas Eve 2011; Aldi stores will be open until then.  On Christmas Day, Aldi stores will be closed. Aldi stores will also be closed on new year’s day, January 1, 2012. (To see open/close dates on the Aldi home page, scroll half way down and look for a red box on the right side.)

Here’s what an example Christmas dinner for 4-6 from Aldi might look like (prices may vary regionally):

  • $7.99  Kirkwood Boneless Turkey Breast Roast, 3 lb, or $10.90 for whole Butterball turkey, 10 lb [note: turkey is *not* pre-cooked]
  • $1.19 Chef’s Cupboard Homestyle Gravy, 12 oz
  • $0.89  Chef’s Cupboard Stuffing Mix
  • $0.79  Chef’s Cupboard Homestyle Mashed Potatoes
  • $1.49  Season’s Choice Green Beans, 16 oz
  • $1.29  Happy Harvest Cut Sweet Potatoes, 29 oz
  • $0.89  Sweet Harvest Cranberry Sauce, 14 oz
  • $0.99  L’oven Brown & Serve Rolls, 12
  • $4.99  Belmont Pecan Pie, 42 oz

That works out to $20.51 for a turkey breast Christmas dinner or $23.42 for a whole turkey Christmas dinner from Aldi

If you don’t want to deal with cooking a turkey, other stores offer complete Christmas dinners with everything pre-cooked.  Those dinners cost more, but are less work - you just have to heat and serve.

A few other interesting Aldi Christmas items include:

  • $1.89 Friendly Farms Egg Nog 32 oz
  • $2.99 Nature’s Nectar Apple Cider, gallon
  • $1.19 Beaumont Hot Cocoa Mix
  • $3.99 Southern Grove Assorted Peanuts Party Tray
  • $0.89 Sweet Harvest Pineapple
  • $1.49 Baker’s Corner Quick Bread Mix or Cookie Mix

See more Aldi holiday items here.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and happy new year.  (Thanks to Aldi for helping with the food.)