Jiffy Cornbread Salad and Peanut Butter Cookies: A Free Jiffy Cookbook


Jiffy is offering a free cookbook with recipes that use Jiffy baking mixes.  You can view the Jiffy cookbook online here, or else have a cookbook mailed to you here.

Here are some popular Jiffy recipes and their cookbook page numbers:

  Recipe Page
  Jiffy Hush puppies    5
  Jiffy Jalepeno Cornbread    7
  Jiffy Corn Cake Muffins    8
  Jiffy Biscuits 10-11
  Jiffy Banana Cake   21
  Jiffy Peanut Butter Cookies   28
  Jiffy Pumpkin Coffee Cake   38
  Jiffy Corn Dogs   45
  Jiffy Mexican Corn Bake   46
  Jiffy Spoon Bread   48
  Jiffy Fajita Pizza   50
  Jiffy Cornbread Stuffing   52
  Jiffy Cornbread Salad   53
  Jiffy Tamale Meatballs   53
  Jiffy Spoon Bread Casserole   57
  Jiffy Campfire Biscuits   60

Microwave cornbread muffins directions are on page 59.  Jiffy campfire recipes start on page 60.

The Jiffy cookbook notes that you can use egg substitutes or egg whites in place of whole eggs in the recipes.  You can also substitute water, skim milk, whole milk, buttermilk, or soymilk for liquids.

I stock up on Jiffy cornbread mix when it’s under 50 cents a box, like it was at Safeway recently.

For history on the Jiffy company, founded over 80 years ago by Michigan housewife, check out the book Jiffy: A Family Tradition, Mixing Business and Old-Fashioned Values.

Thanks to Jiffy for the free cookbook!