Safeway Bakery–Valentine’s Day 2012

The Safeway bakery has cake, cupcakes, pie, and cookies and on sale for Valentine’s Day this week, through February 14, 2012.  Bakery choices are listed below from least to most expensive.  (Remember there may be some regional price variation for Safeway bakeries.)

Besides Safeway bakery options, cake mix is on sale this week at Safeway.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for that more budget-friendly Valentine’s Day cake idea.


Safeway Bakery Blueberry Pudding Ring Cake, $2.99

Valentine Mini Chocolate Cupcakes, $3.49

Valentine Cookie Box, $3.49


Valentine Frosted Sugar Cookies, $3.99 (pictured)

Safeway Bakery Cherry or Apple Pie, 8 inch, $3.99

Valentine Cookie Decorating Kit, $3.99


Valentine Cupcakes, 12, $4.99 (pictured)

Carrot Cake, 1-layer, 8 inch, $5.99

Safeway Bakery Red Velvet Cake, 2-layer, $6.99

Strawberry or Cherry Topped Boston Cream Cake, 1-layer, $7.99

White Celebration Cake, 8 inch, $7.99


Strawberry or Cherry Topped Cheese Cake, 7 inch, $8.99  (pictured)

Safeway Bakery German Chocolate Cake, 8 inch, $9.99


Artisan Strawberry or Tiramisu Bar Cake, $9.99  (pictured)

Safeway Bakery Chocolate Turtle Torte, $10.99


Artisan Fruit Tart, 9 inch, $11.99  (pictured)

Mini Sheet Ice Cream Cake, 80 oz, $26.59



Betty Crocker cake mix, on sale for $1.25

  • flavors included: Chocolate fudge, carrot cake, cherry chip, rainbow chip, devils food, french vanilla, german chocolate, lemon, milk chocolate, vanilla, yellow butter, red velvet

Betty Crocker brownie mix, on sale for $1.59

  • flavors included: dark chocolate, fudge brownies, low-fat fudge, milk chocolate

For lower-fat cake or brownies, try topping with powdered sugar instead of icing:

  • Safeway Powdered Sugar 32 oz, on sale for $1.79

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012 to all.  Thanks to the Safeway bakery for helping with dessert.