Ikea’s 99 Cent Breakfast: What You Need to Know


Ikea café serves a 99 cent breakfast on mornings they are open.  The 99 cent breakfast includes scrambled eggs, 2 bacon strips, and potatoes.

You can get free coffee or tea with your 99 cent breakfast if you show your Ikea Friends and Family card.  Sign up for that Ikea program for free online or in-store.

Most Ikea restaurant cafes start serving breakfast 30 minutes to 1 hour before the regular store opens.  Ikea breakfast hours usually end at 11 a.m.  In other words, most US Ikea cafes serve breakfast between the hours of 9 or 9:30 to 11 a.m.  Check your local Ikea store page for specific restaurant opening times.

There is no need to buy furniture or anything else at Ikea to get the breakfast deals.  Thanks to Ikea for the 99 cent (or free) breakfast and free coffee/tea.

Update October 2013: Last time I was Ikea for breakfast, none of the restaurant signs mentioned the 99 cent breakfast plate.  Instead they were highlighting a $1.99 breakfast that included french toast.  I asked a server if Ikea was still offering the 99 cent breakfast.  He confirmed they were and served me up a tasty plate of eggs, bacon and potatoes for the 99 cent price.