Safeway MasterCard Gift Card Offer: Save $15 off $100


Update 5/13:  Some have reported that the $15 did not deduct for this Mastercard deal; it is working for others. If you try it, I would recommend bringing a printout of your Just-for-You savings list or having it available on your cell phone.  That way you can show the cashier, and they will do it manually.

This week in Safeway’s Just-for-You coupon center, there was an offer for:

Save $15 when you purchase $100 or more in MasterCard Gift Cards in any combination. 

If you can’t see it in your Just-for-You, try looking on the left side of the coupon center, under “View by Category”.  This MasterCard offer is listed under the “Special Offers” category.

There is a $5.95 activation fee on these cards at Safeway.  Even with the activation fee, it can be a good deal.  You would get a $100 MasterCard gift card for $90.95 ($100-$15+5.95).

This offer is valid May 8 through May 21, 2013.  It appears that there is a limit of one MasterCard gift card offer per Safeway club card.

Read the fine print once you get the card.  Generally these MasterCard gift cards have long expiration dates, but if you do not use your card for a while (~1 year) they may deduct a small amount each month.