Best Time to Sell Christmas Items on Ebay


The best time of year to sell Christmas items on Ebay is from October 7 through December 8.  This includes decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments, snowmen, santas, angels, trees, presents, cookie cutters, etc.   There is some demand for Christmas items all year round, but sales really pick up starting in October and keep strong through early December.  There is good demand for Christmas items in mid-December, but sales drop off quickly.

We know this timing from looking at when searches for “Ebay Christmas” are happening.  Google provides that information by year, month, and week (see graph above).

Of course, it’s also important how many other sellers you are competing with.  There should be a lot less competition at other times of the year, so it could be worthwhile to try listing a few Christmas items at other times outside the main holiday season.

Hope you have the best-ever Christmas holiday sales season on Ebay this year.

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