Best Time to Sell Coats on Ebay


The best time to sell coats on Ebay is from September 16 through January 26.  That is when demand for coats is highest.  It correlates to the start and middle part of winter time in the northern hemisphere, where most of Ebay’s business happens.  Demand starts to drop in January, since most people have their coats by then, and are starting to think hopeful thoughts about spring wardrobes.

We get information on this seasonal pattern, by looking at Google search statistics.  The graph above shows search volume for “Ebay coats” over the course of one year.  The pattern year-to-year is pretty similar.

There is some demand for coats at Ebay all year long, even in summer.  Ebay reaches people in all kinds of climate zones, so you could considering offering some coats in other seasons too.

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