Safeway Mom-to-Mom Diapers: A Review

I started using Safeway Mom-to-Mom diapers for the price.  The small Mom-to-Mom diaper packs go on sale for $5 once a month at my local Safeway.  Sometimes there are Safeway store coupons that make the price even less.

Though price is most important, I do like the Mom-to-Mom diapers from Safeway.  We currently use size 3 diapers (pictured below), which have 36 diapers in a pack.  They have a cute giraffe print, a high back, elastic in the right spots, and a good amount of absorbent material.  The diaper tabs hold tight, and we rarely have a leak.


The size 2 diapers had a strip that changed color when the diaper was wet, but the size 3 diapers do not; I personally do not miss that feature.


We use these Safeway Mom-to-Mom diapers every day.  We have also tried Aldi’s store brand diapers (pictured middle below), which are always $5 a pack.  However, we’ve had more leaks with these diapers.  In the picture, you can see that they are a bit thinner side-to-side.  We also use (and like) Pampers Baby Dry diapers (pictured right below).  These are typically more expensive, so we save these for overnight use only.


So, overall I would recommend Safeway’s Mom-to-Mom diapers, especially if you can get them for $5 a pack.  They are a sturdy, inexpensive, diaper for everyday use.

Note: I have no relation to Safeway and all diapers were purchased with personal funds.