Safeway Just-For-You Personalized Price Deals

Safeway offers Personalized Price Deals as part of their Just-for-You program.  These are special sale prices that you load onto your Safeway club card.

You can see your Personalized Price Deals on the Coupons and Deals section of the Safeway webpage.  You will see a grid of items and their special sale prices.  If a price looks good, click the red “Add” button.  Now when you buy the item at any Safeway store, you will get that price.  Make sure to note the expiration date and other fine print.  Sometimes you are limited in how many you can buy at that price.


Here are some more tips on Safeway Just-for-You Personalized Price Deals:

  • New Personalized offers show up each Wednesday.
  • Since the deals are “personal”, your friends could have different deals.
  • Personalized Price Deals are mixed in with Just-for-You coupons on the “Coupons & Deals” page.  The main difference is that Personalized Price Deals are prices, while the coupons are usually a discount, like “$1.00 off”.
  • You can use paper coupons (and double coupons) together with Personalized Prices on the same item (but you can’t use paper coupons together with the online Just-for-You coupons).
  • Some of these items are truly at great sale prices, but some are not.  Use your own knowledge about what you typically pay for items.