Price Chopper Thanksgiving Dinners 2018


Price Chopper has complete, already-cooked Thanksgiving dinners for pick-up in 2018.  Stop by your Price Chopper deli and place your order there (find your nearest Price Chopper here).  Or there is also online orderingAfter you pick-up your dinner, all you need to do is reheat and enjoy on Thanksgiving day.  Allow 2 hours to reheat the dinners.

Here are example Price Chopper Thanksgiving dinner menus (confirm details and price when ordering, as they may vary, and some stores may not offer the diners):

Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner, serves 7-8 people, $59.99.  Includes:

  • Choose Turkey Breast or Whole Turkey
  • Gravy, 26 oz
  • Mashed potatoes, 5 lb
  • Choose King's Hawaiian or Bakery dinner rolls, 12
  • Herb dressing, 3.5 lb
  • Cranberry sauce, 14 oz
  • Pie, 10 inch

Ham Thanksgiving Dinner, serves 8-10 people, $39.99.  Includes:

  • Off the Bone Half Ham (appx. 5 lb)
  • Mashed Potatoes, 5 lb
  • Choose King's Hawaiian or Bakery dinner rolls, 12
  • Pie, 10 inch

We also have a list of other stores where you can order Thanksgiving dinners.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday 2018 everyone.  Thanks to Price Chopper for helping with the food.

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