Amazon Thanksgiving Dinners 2014


Amazon has a central Thanksgiving dinner page for 2014.  You can pick your preferred Thanksgiving dinner items from Amazon’s selection of Thanksgiving dinner foods.  The convenience of having everything delivered to your door is one of Amazon’s strengths, in this busy holiday season.

Here are some of the tasty Thanksgiving dinner foods Amazon has on offer in 2014:

We also have a list of other stores where you can order Thanksgiving dinners.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 to everyone – eat well and enjoy.


Cracker Barrel Open on Thanksgiving Day 2014


You can eat Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel restaurants on Thursday November 27, 2014 starting at 11 am until 10 pm.  The restaurant will be open at 6 am for breakfast, which will also be served all day. 

Find your nearest Cracker Barrel location.

The in-restaurant Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner includes:

  • Turkey and Cornbread Dressing
  • Gravy
  • Baked Ham
  • Cranberry Relish
  • Choice of Country Side
  • Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecans
  • Biscuits or Corn Muffins
  • Slice of Pumpkin Pecan Streusel Pie
  • Beverage (excludes milkshakes)

The Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving meal costs $10.99 for adults and $5.99 for children. The children’s meal doesn’t include ham or casserole and comes with a half slice of pie.

See this information at Cracker Barrel here.

Cracker Barrel also offers fully-cooked take-out Thanksgiving dinners for up to 6 people.


Five Essential Supplies Needed to Start Selling on Ebay

When you start selling on Ebay, there is a lot to learn.  Having the right supplies from the start makes things so much easier.  Here are five items that were essential for my first months selling on Ebay:

1.  Camera

A simple camera will work fine to take pictures of your items for Ebay.  If you have a digital camera already, use that.  If you don’t have one, I recommend a simple point and shoot camera for under $100.  If you continue selling, you can upgrade (and sell your old one on Ebay).

2.  Postal Scale

You need to know the weight of your items so you know how to pack them (first-class, priority mail, etc.).  You also need to know the weight of your packages to print Ebay shipping labels at home.  I have the American Weigh Scales SE-50 Scale, and have found it accurate and easy to use.


3.  Mailers

Depending on what you are selling, you will need boxes, envelopes, or poly mailer supplies.  My items work with poly mailer envelopes, and I buy them through an Ebay seller.  Priority mail envelopes and boxes are free from the post office, if you purchase priority postage.


4.  Printer

If you want to print shipping labels at home through Ebay (easy and cheaper), you need a printer.  I got a Brother HL2230 Monochrome laser printer on sale for $50 at a local office supply store, including a starter cartridge.  If you don’t already have a printer, keep an eye on the Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot weekly ads for printer deals.  They often have printer paper deals too.


5. Packing Tape and Dispenser

Watch for packing tape sales at the office supply stores.  If you ship a lot through Ebay, I highly recommend a sturdier packing tape dispenser, like the Officemate Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser. I have one and love it - it makes packing so much easier.


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