Safeway Mom-to-Mom Diapers: A Review

I started using Safeway Mom-to-Mom diapers for the price.  The small Mom-to-Mom diaper packs go on sale for $5 once a month at my local Safeway.  Sometimes there are Safeway store coupons that make the price even less.

Though price is most important, I do like the Mom-to-Mom diapers from Safeway.  We currently use size 3 diapers (pictured below), which have 36 diapers in a pack.  They have a cute giraffe print, a high back, elastic in the right spots, and a good amount of absorbent material.  The diaper tabs hold tight, and we rarely have a leak.


The size 2 diapers had a strip that changed color when the diaper was wet, but the size 3 diapers do not; I personally do not miss that feature.


We use these Safeway Mom-to-Mom diapers every day.  We have also tried Aldi’s store brand diapers (pictured middle below), which are always $5 a pack.  However, we’ve had more leaks with these diapers.  In the picture, you can see that they are a bit thinner side-to-side.  We also use (and like) Pampers Baby Dry diapers (pictured right below).  These are typically more expensive, so we save these for overnight use only.


So, overall I would recommend Safeway’s Mom-to-Mom diapers, especially if you can get them for $5 a pack.  They are a sturdy, inexpensive, diaper for everyday use.

Note: I have no relation to Safeway and all diapers were purchased with personal funds.


How Much is Your Stuff Worth on Ebay?

You can find the value of your stuff on Ebay by checking the price that similar items have sold for.  Here’s how:

1.  Search.

Head over to Ebay and type the name of your item into the search bar.


2.  Find Items Like Yours.

You will see a listing of similar stuff currently for sale.  On the Ebay screen (usually on the left) there are options with check boxes.  Use these to find items that are similar to what you have.  For instance, always check the “Condition” boxes to match if you have a new or used item.


3.  View Sold Listings.

Scroll further down through the Ebay options and you should see an option to show only “Sold listings”.  Check that box.


4.  See the Prices.

Now you see a list of items that sold on Ebay and how much they sold for (the price in green color).  Usually there is a range of prices, depending on the item condition, whether it had a special feature, etc.  This gives you recent data about how much your stuff is worth on Ebay.


Note: If you are ready to sell your stuff, you can click “Sell one like this”.  That gets your item in the right category and pre-fills part of the Ebay selling form.

Selling a Baby Carrier, Sling, or Wrap on Ebay

Baby carriers, slings, and wraps sell great on Ebay.  They are high-priced new, so there is demand for used and discounted-new carriers.  Also, most are easy to ship and not fragile.

I have sold several baby carriers on Ebay.  They were always bought within a short time at good prices.  Demand and price depends partly on the brand.  Some that currently sell well on Ebay include:

Carrier and Sling brands: Ergo, Beco, Baby Bjorn, K’tan, Boba, Chicco, Infantino, Maya, Boba, Kelty, Tula, Kinderpack, Deuter, Osprey, Evenflo, Stokke, Chicco, Obimama.

(An example Ergo sold on Ebay is shown below, with 33 bids!)


Wrap brands (woven and stretchy): Moby, Obimama, Uppymama, Didymos, Oscha, Sakura Bloom, Girasol, Natibaby, Ellaroo

(An example Didymos sold on Ebay is shown below, with 20 bids.)


Here are tips on selling your baby carrier, sling, or wrap on Ebay:

1.  Pictures. 

Take many clear photos showing all angles of the carrier or wrap.  That way the Ebay buyer knows exactly what they are getting, and you are unlikely to get a return.

2.  Price.

Set your price by checking out what other similar carriers, slings, or wraps have sold for on Ebay.  See how to check Ebay selling prices here.

3.  Fakes.

Several baby carriers have had counterfeit models enter the market.  If you have a real one, document features (in photos or text) that show it is authentic.  For instance, maybe you bought it from an authorized retailer, or include a photo of the labels.  Showing that your carrier is authentic lets you charge a higher price.  There are websites that explain how to recognize fakes – for instance, here’s a site that shows a fake and real Ergo carrier side by side.

4.  Recalls.

A few baby carriers have been recalled due to safety issues.  A quick Google search on your baby carrier will help you determine if yours is included.  I’d recommend not selling a recalled carrier on Ebay due to potential liability issues that may come back to you.

5.  Instructions.

If not including an instruction manual with your carrier, sling, or wrap, consider including a page of basic instructions or safety notes - you can print these from the manufacturer’s website.  If not used properly, some slings can be harmful to babies, so it’s a useful extra step that doesn’t take much effort.  Alternately, you could just write down the manufacturer’s website, or point the buyer to a site like babywearer.com.

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