Coupons at Safeway–How to Find and Use Them


You can save so much money at Safeway with coupons.  To start, you need to get some coupons.  Then, you need to know how to use the coupons to maximize your savings at Safeway. 

Much of this is also relevant for for Safeway-affiliated stores like Vons, Dominicks, Genuardis, Carrs, Tom Thumb, and Randalls.


Where to Get Safeway Coupons:

  1. Safeway Produce Coupons.  Safeway fruit and vegetable coupons are found in the monthly Fresh Ideas booklet.  Look for it in the Safeway produce section or print current produce coupons here.  See previous Fresh Ideas coupons here.
  2. Safeway Printable Coupons. The internet is a great source of manufacturer coupons. Check out our article on “Printable coupons at Safeway” for more info.
  3. Safeway Just-for-You Ecoupons.  You can use electronic coupons at Safeway – see our article on Safeway Just-for-You coupons for instructions.
  4. Safeway In-Store Coupons.  Some of the best coupons are found on Safeway shelves next to products.  We keep a running list of coupons we found in Safeway, so you can know what to look for.
  5. Other Ways to Get Safeway Coupons.  Check out our articles on finding free coupons in your neighborhood and in the grocery store.


How do you use these coupons at Safeway?

  1. Safeway Coupon Policy.  Learn the rules about using coupons at Safeway by checking out the Safeway coupon policy.
  2. Safeway Double Coupons.  Double coupons make your manufacturer coupons worth more.  Find out more about Safeway double coupons here.
  3. Weekly Safeway Coupon Deals.  Each week we usually list the best cheap (or free) deals at Safeway that week with coupon matchups.


If you need ideas to corral all these Safeway coupons, we’ve got some coupon organizer ideas here.