Just for You at Safeway

Just-for-You is a Safeway program for extra grocery discounts.  At the Just-for-You website, you choose your coupons and Personalized Price Deals.  Those get loaded onto your Safeway club card.  The coupons and deals come off when you buy the products and scan your club card at checkout.

The basics:

One you have logged in, click the Just-for-U button – near the top of the page (circled in yellow in pic below).


There are four sections to Just-for-You (more tips at the links):

You can access each section just below the Just-for-You button. Most Just-for-You coupons are valid for a week (Wednesday through the next Tuesday).  Some coupons are good for longer, see the fine print on each coupon.

You can also check your Safeway gas rewards points balance on the Just-for-You site.

For other questions about Just-for-You, you can call Safeway at 1-877-SAFEWAY (1-877-723-3929).  Safeway also has a page of Just-for-You frequently asked questions here.